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Mystery Photo # 6
Solved 9/1/06

Mystery 6

My good friend Russell Tedder of Arkansas sent me this one for the mystery files:
For several years I have had a nice 8x10 photo of a "going away" shot of mixed train with probably 10-12 cars and a combine.  The engine is out of sight insofar as recognition and the combine doesn't have any markings other than 655.  This picture was made by the Sanborn brothers of Lakeland, Fla., and I'm pretty sure it's in South Georgia. It looks like track that could be one of the Pidcock lines, or maybe even the G&F.  There are three crewmen sitting on chairs or stools on the back platform of the combine, which itself is running with the passenger compartment in the front instead of the rear.  It is not Jim Crow combine.  It woud be circa 1950.
Would you be willing to take a look at this and see if you have any ideas, or maybe you might want to run it as a "Mystery Photo" on your website.  I know that heretofore you mystery photos have been much more ancient than this, but I am really puzzled by it.  I have even looked in the equipment register for No. 655 on a combine without success. 

The answer came via the new Georgia & Florida book by Al Langtry.
In the book I found a G&F combine # 655 in the passenger car roster.
I have searched all the rest of the rosters in Georgia and Florida but this is the only one that had a 655 as a combine.
Now the only mystery is when & where was it taken?
My money is on the Madison Branch inside Florida.
Another possible location is on the Moultrie Branch in Georgia.

If anyone can help us out here please contact me by e- mail.

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