Georgia Lumber & Turpentine Company No. 24
Southern Iron & Equipment Co. # 521
Unknown Danforth-Cooke
Bray Lumber Co 2
Bray Lumber Co 2

    Here are two photos showing Southern Iron & Equipment # 521 sold on October 22, 1908, before and after pictures and a great study of the left and right sides. One the one thing that I noticed at the start was the small drivers, very rare in a early 4-4-0. What also stands out is the wide wheelbase, again very unusual for such small drivers. Make one wonder, if maybe the drivers were larger as built. As for driver diameter, I would guess that they are at least 48 inches, maybe even smaller. The only spec we know of for this Cooke is the 14x22" cylinders.  Another mystery is the slanted cab, anyone know why they would make it that way?  Looks like any rain water would drain into the tender! The only improvements made by Southern Iron was the cabbage stack spark arrestor,  and a smaller but still oil fired headlight. The tender also seems to be elevated in the rear, maybe for better water drainage?  

    Now for speculation this engine could very well be either Cooke 269 2/64 US Military RR (Dept of Miss) 40 14x22 48” or  Cooke 279 3/64 USMRR (Miss) 41 14x22 -48” . A third engine this could be would be COOKE 145 /59  Memphis Clarksville & Louisville 2 14x22 47” drivers to L&N 202 in 1868.  Now one thing it is not, is Sewanne Mining Co. 2 or 3, as they have a short wheel base.

    As for the Georgia Lumber & Turpentine Co.,  it was formerly the Southern Pine Company of Georgia, operating out of Cutting, GA utilizing a 20 mile logging railroad to feed a 30,000 feet a day mill. Operating 3 locomotives, 20 cars and a Lidgerwood skidder.

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