December of 1998
Whitcomb Locomotives
Part One
Don Hensley
Black & White Photographs by Mac Connery
Color Photographs by Don Hensley
All from original negatives in my collection.


    The Whitcomb Locomotive Works were located at Rochelle, IL. Originaly known as the George D. Whitcomb Co. which produced mining equipment including gas and electric locomotives after the turn of the century.In 1931 the company became bankrupt and was purchased by the Baldwin Locomotive Works from 1931which operated the company as the Whitcomb Locomotive Works until 1940. Baldwin completly took over the company in 1940 and was operated as a division of Baldwin. In Febuary of 1952 locomotive production was shifted from Rochelle to the Eddystone Works.
    Note about model numbers. The first two numbers is the weight, the next two letters stand for engine/drive combination (DM = Diesel Mechanical, DE = Diesel Electric)but the last two numbers which sometimes has a lower case letter at the end has me stumped. Does anyone have the answer?

25 Tons
Here are examples of 25 ton models, one narrow gauge and the other is standard.
Southern Wood Piedmont Co. 25 ton
Southern Wood Piedmont Co.
August 20, 1978 Gulf, NC
30 inch gauge
built 6/1950 c/n 40699
ex Seaboard Air Line # 1006
Used at SAL's creosote tie plant
Buncher Railcar Service Co.
Buncher Railcar Service Co.
April 24, 1980  Lynchburg, VA
built 1952 c/n 40748
model 25-DM-42a
standard gauge

30 Tons
Two examples of standard gauge 30 tonners.
Cape Fear Car Service Co.
Cape Fear Car Service Co.
September 28th, 1977 Fayetteville, NC
built 1/1943 c/n 40249
model 30-DM-44
ex-US Navy, Lakehurst, NJ # 65-00284
Blue Ridge Stone Corp.
Blue Ridge Stone Corp.
September 8, 1982  Blue Ridge, VA
built 7/1941 c/n 40128
standard gauge acquired 1953
orig. Houston Shipbuilding Corp. # 3, Houston, TX
Model 30-DM-31

35 Tons
Note that all the locomotives below 45 tons are all single engined.
Addlestone International Corp.
Addlestone International Corp.
July 11, 1985  Georgetown, SC
built 3/1949 c/n 61090 standard gauge
acquired 1/1985 from Republic Locomotive
ex Stone Container, Port Wentworth, GA
original Southern Paperboard # 1(GA)

IMC 52
IMC Fertilizer # 52
Phosphoria Mine, Bartow, FL 1989
Built 9/1947 c/n 60741
Note the use of high hoods typically used for overseas military use.

45 Tons
Here are a couple of examples of the 45 ton design.
The first is a 4 wheeler, the second has an 8 wheel design.
The 8 wheel locomotive has side rods, this is because it
has only a traction motor on one axle on each truck.
The side rod connects the unpowered axle.
Newport News Shipbuilding & Drydock Corp.
Newport News Shipbuilding & Dry Dock Co. # 58257
December 20, 1978  Newport News, VA
built 10/1942 c/n 60200
Trego Stone Corp.
Trego Stone Corp.
December 15, 1979  Skippers, VA
built 11/42  c/n 60203
300 hp.
ex Warrenton RR # 5

50 Tons
Wow, look at this heavily modified 50 tonner.
And you thought only turtles and hermit crabs carried their homes with them.
The 50 tonner normaly use 4 engines using two pairs per side.
Trego Stone Corp
Trego Stone Corp.
March 29, 1978  Skippers, VA
built 5/1951  c/n 61095
model # 50DE79
Southern Wood Piedmont Co.
Southern Wood Piedmont Co.
October 10, 1978  Wilmington, NC
built 4/1943  c/n 60299
model 45DE27b
ex USNavy
W R Grace
W.R. Grace Co. Nitrex Plant
January 28, 1977  Wilmington, NC
built 6/1944  c/n 60327
Model # 45DE27b
Newport News Shipbuilding & Drydock
Newport News Shipbuilding & Dry Dock Corp # 502
July 14, 1980  Newport News, VA
built 6/1954  c/n 61295

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