Tap Lines
Charlotte Harbor & Northern Railway
"The Boca Grande Route"
Part V - Phosphate Mining Photos
From the collection of
Donald R. Hensley, Jr.

This is the complete scene of the AACC's  Dryer at Pierce
as taken by the Burgett Brothers in the 1920's. The huge
storage bins were used until the early 1980's when it
was finally torn down and they stripped mined the area.

This is a closeup of the 2-8-0 being used as a switcher.
This ex CH&N engine was loading a long string of CH&N Phosphate Cars through the storage bins.

Here is a closeup of the 0-6-0 switcher being used to switch the bins. Note the CH&N Phosphate cars.

Here is a closer view of the CH&N phosphate cars. These small all steel covered hoppers
 were used to haul dried phosphate south to the port at Boca Grande.

Wet rock dump scene somewhere on the CH&N. Here rock was dump for later use.

A closer view of 0-6-0 #1 at the dump.

Steam shovel at work on the dump.

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